What is IPTAY Hospitality?

Established in 1934 to give Clemson University's athletic program the support it needed, IPTAY (letters initially standing for "I pay ten a year") has become one of nation's most successful athletic fundraising organizations. IPTAY donors provide millions of dollars in scholarships for student athletes and non-student athletes alike. The organization has also provided substantial support for programs and facilities that help Clemson Athletics continue to remain among the best in college sports. There are more than 17,000 active members of IPTAY around the country who devote time and money to support Clemson Athletics, and they are passionate about their Tigers!
IPTAY Hospitality serves Clemson's most dedicated donors on the most exciting days of the year for Tigers, GAME DAYS! And it's our dedicated team of FANGINEERS that make game days happen.
Company Background: IPTAY Hospitality is REVELxp's management office at Clemson. REVELxp is a portfolio company of Teall Capital Partners that is revolutionizing the sports and entertainment industry by reimagining game day and redefining non-game day experiences. In addition to Clemson, Colonnade oversees premium seating and hospitality at Alabama, ECU, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville State, Mississippi State, Nebraska, SMU, TCU, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is a FANGINEER?

IPTAY Hospitality FANGINEERS play a vital role in the success of the premium seating operation for Clemson Athletics.
FANGINEERS serve as attendants and goodwill ambassadors to individuals, families, and companies that have purchased tickets to premium seating areas while maintaining the operational policies of each space. FANGINEERS are liaisons between premium area patrons, catering attendants, maintenance staff, custodial attendants, IPTAY staff members, and Clemson Athletics personnel.

What is the application/hiring process?

There are a limited number of open FANGINEER positions each fall. Therefore, those interested in working with IPTAY must complete an online application. Because IPTAY Hospitality FANGINEERS are the face of IPTAY and REVELxp on game days, you must commit to the expectations noted below:

How many people are you hiring?

Our team consists of approximately 30 FANGINEERs. The number of open positions varies from year to year. We anticipate hiring approximately 30 FANGINEERs in 2022.

What are the position requirements?

  • Work ALL SEVEN of Clemson's home football games
  • Attend preseason training, or as we like to call it: FANGINEER ACADEMY
  • Assist with football stocking and game prep
  • Assist with men's basketball games (optional - only a small staff is needed for each game)
  • Additional expectations of proper guest service and personal conduct will be communicated at time of hire
*Most kickoff times are TBA until the week of the game, so we ask that you make yourself available for the entire day.*

How many hours would I work on game day?

  • Football Games — 8-10 hours
  • Stocking Days — 4-6 hours
  • Basketball Games — 3-4 hours

What are the positions and duties?

  • Suite Attendants: Responsible for attending to suite holders and guests. Each FANgineer is assigned to 7-9 suites. Attendants prepare the suites for patron arrival, fulfill requests during the game, and close down suites after patrons depart. Suite attendants maintain a detailed log of all suite requests, issues, compliments, and questions.
  • Club Attendants: Responsible for attending to the club seat holders and guests. Attendants assist patrons in locating seats, maintain club appearance, answer questions, address concerns, and fulfill requests.
  • Club Locker Attendants: Responsible for the oversight of a locker area within the WestZone Club, Masters Club or Younts South Club. Attendants assist guests in opening lockers, report maintenance issues, and ensure locker room items are properly stocked.
  • Floor Captains: The central contact on a specific floor. Floor captains are positioned at a podium in a specific area to assist patrons and serve as the direct liaison for IPTAYH Leadership. Floor Captains also maintain the floors break schedule, fill in for other FANGINEERS on the floor, and assist other FANGINEERS when necessary. Floor Captains maintain a detailed log of all requests, issues, compliments, and questions for their area.
  • Suite Stocking: FANGINEERS will assist suite holders in accessing and stocking their suites while helping IPTAY Hospitality leadership prepare the suites for game day. 
  • Locker Stocking: FANGINEERS will assist club seat holders in accessing and stocking their club lockers while helping IPTAY Hospitality leadership prepare the club areas for game day.
  • Club Ice Stocking (GAME DAY): 6-8 FANGINEERS each game will ice down items in club lockers 
  • Wristbanders: Greet patrons as they enter the premium areas and ensure appropriate access by wristbanding patrons.
  • Club Attendants: Responsible for attending to the club seat holders and guests. Attendants assist patrons in locating seats, maintain club appearance, answer questions, address concerns, and fulfill requests.

Do I get to pick the position I’d like to fill?

In order to place each person in a position that highlights his/her strengths, placement decisions are determined by IPTAY Hospitality leadership. However, please let us know if there is a particular position that interests you.

What is the pay rate?

  • First-year FANGINEERS — $9/hour
  • Returning FANGINEERS — $10/hour

Would I get to watch the game?

These positions rarely provide opportunities to watch the game. FANGINEER responsibilities require a high level of service and attentiveness. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to IPTAY Hospitality's success in the premium areas. 

Would I get a break during the game?

  • Football Games — A 30-minute break is built into everyone's shift as football games are long, fast-paced events without much downtime.
  • Stocking — A break is not built in, but there is time if you need it.
  • Basketball Games — Basketball games are short, so there is no formal break. However, they can be taken as necessary.

I’m interested! What do I do now?

The application to join our team for 2021-22 has closed. The application for our 2022-23 team will go live in April 2022. For more information, click the button below.