What is IPTAY Hospitality?
We are the IPTAY Hospitality staff, and our office is located in the stadium right here on campus. We are actually employed by Colonnade Group, a sports production/event management company based in Birmingham. We are a relatively small (but strong!) company, responsible for the management of the premium seating areas here at Clemson. Feel free to look us up at
How does the hiring process work?
You will need to submit an application, found below. We will then hold interviews for selected applicants. We will need approximately 50 FANGINEERs for our football game-day operations. As football season ends, we will select our top FANGINEERs to work basketball. 
How many people are you hiring?
We will need approximately 45-50 FANgineers to make our game day operation run smoothly.
When would I work?
A FANgineer is required to work all Clemson home football games. While there are opportunities for additional hours, FANgineers are only required to work the 7 home games and attend at least one group training.
2020 Clemson Home Football Games:
Saturday, September 12th vs Louisville
Saturday, September 19th vs Akron
Saturday, September 26th vs Virginia
Saturday, October 17th vs NC State
Saturday, October 24th vs Syracuse
Saturday, November 14th vs the Citadel
Saturday, November 28th vs South Carolina 
How many hours would I work on game day?
Depending on the length of the game and your job duties, you could work anywhere from 7 to 10 hours. You would report prior to the gates opening, and you would be needed until the areas closed following the post-game period.
What is the pay rate?
The pay rate is $9.00 per hour. 
Would I get to watch the game?
No. Please understand that this position is not an opportunity to watch the game. FANGINEER responsibilities require a high level of service and attentiveness. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to the success of the suite, club level, and hospitality programs. Furthermore, the guests notice and appreciate the hard work of the FANGINEERs and rewarding relationships can be built not just with peers, but also with the guests.
Would I get a break during the game?
Of course! Each FANGINEER gets a 30-minute break, which includes a meal.
What are the positions and duties?
As with any team, there are several positions to be filled. While all the positions are critical to the smooth operation of the program, they all have different responsibilities. For example, we need responsible people to fill the positions of…
Suite FANgineers: Responsible for attending to the suite holders and guests. Each FANgineer is assigned to 4-6 suites (depending on size). FANgineers must complete a duty checklist for pre-game, during the game, and post-game.
Club FANgineers: Responsible for attending to the club seat holders and guests. Each FANgineer is assigned to a section of the club to greet guests, assist with questions and issues, and keep the club orderly.
Locker FANgineers: Responsible for the oversight of a specific locker area. Assist guests in opening lockers and recording maintenance and requests. Assist IPTAYH and security in monitoring inebriated guests.
Lead FANgineers: Responsible for the oversight of a single level. Serves as a direct liaison between the IPTAYH Director/Intern and IPTAYH FANgineers. Record and solve any issues that may arise (maintenance, catering, cleaning, security). Help manage all IPTAYH FANgineers on the assigned level.
Do I get to pick the position I’d like to fill?
In order to place each person in a position that highlights his/her strengths, placement decisions are left up to IPTAY hospitality.
I’m interested! What do I do now?
Great! Please fill out the application below.